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Foley Lyman Law has achieved successful outcomes for their clients in all of their practice areas.
Several examples follow:

Sexual Harassment Cases Result In Recovery

Shannon Foley filed suit for sexual harassment on several cases. They resulted in substantial six figure recoveries for the Plaintiffs. The Companies fought hard in litigation, but eventually had to pay for their wrongful conduct, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Shannon Foley Wins Retaliation and Gender Discrimination Case

UCLA pays $4.5M after Appeals Court Affirms. Shannon Foley wins case Conney v. UC Regents, $2.95 Million plus attorney fees in Los Angeles Superior Court. Janet Conney, M.D. was working as a Research and Clinical Geriatric Psychiatrist for UCLA when she spoke up about being treated differently because she is a woman, and complained about sexually harassing behavior. Thereafter, she was retaliated against.

Age Discrimination—Severance Negotiations

Shannon Foley negotiates severance for many workers being squeezed out due to age. Many companies squeeze out experienced and highly paid workers over 40 due to age and the cost of employing them. Often they will be replaced by several younger workers, typically in 20’s and 30’s for less money. Shannon enjoys negotiating a severance agreement or litigating the age cases. It is often very difficult to find comparable employment for older workers. The Employer usually has to pay if they want them to leave with a Mutual Release. Shannon Foley has negotiated for older executives up to the high six figures, doubling the recovery. Shannon Foley filed a lawsuit on another age case, recovering six times the original severance offer. Often, “layoffs” are disguised opportunities for companies to get rid of older expensive workers. One company laid off 6 workers, all over the age of 40 (actually 60), retaining their younger less expensive workers, some of whom were hired immediately prior to the layoff, others hired after the layoff. This is age discrimination. The company is being held accountable for their actions through legal action. In other cases, Shannon Foley stays behind the scenes advising the client on their rights and helping them negotiate an enhanced severance package.

In a recent case, for an educational organization, Foley Lyman Law won a settlement for their clients six times their original severance package offers. They were able to evaluate that everyone on the laid off list was either over 40 and replaced by employees in their 20s and 30s; or over 40, qualified for the job and replaced by younger workers; and that the replacement employees were all paid lower salaries for the same job.

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