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What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

When a number of individuals have been injured in some way by the actions of a company, they may join together to bring suit against the company through a class action law suit. The suit is often brought by one or two individuals, known as the class proponent(s), acting on behalf of those similarly injured. Once legal action is initiated, additional individuals may prove their eligibility, sign on to the class and share in the settlement, if any.

Where an individual injured by a company’s actions may not have the resources to challenge the deep pockets of a corporation, public or private entity, members of a class banded together form a stronger voice to get results. Class actions also keep the courts from getting bogged down hearing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of similar suits against the same party.

Class actions address specific violations of law against a group of people. The members of the “class” must have a complaint in common against the company. The actual injury may be quite small on an individual basis – for example, a charge of $1.50 added to every transaction. But when thousands of individuals band together in a class action, the offending firm stands to feel the pinch of damages.

Class actions are most frequently brought to seek monetary compensation for the injured parties. But class actions may also seek some type of injunction against the company to prevent similar injurious actions in the future.

Some typical class actions include those against employers for discriminatory practices, against drug companies for making false claims that harm the public, and against companies that overcharge during a specific time period or are negligent about the health and safety of their employees or of the public. One of the most well-known class action lawsuits in the U.S. is the 1954 landmark school-segregation case, Brown v. Board of Education.

Should I Sue as an Individual or as a Class Action?

Foley Lyman Law Group will help you determine if you have a case and help you find the best strategy for getting the results you want, whether it’s to pursue legal action as an individual or to investigate the possibility of class action.

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