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What is Quid Pro Quo?

Quid pro quo is sexual harassment that occurs when a supervisor or someone in a position of authority requests sex, sexual favors or a sexual relationship in exchange for not firing or otherwise punishing the employee, or in exchange for favors, such as hiring, promotions or raises.

A Latin phrase that means “this for that,” quid pro quo is a form of exploitation that can occur in the workplace or in an academic setting. “That” may take many forms, including a better job, a more desirable schedule, better benefits, a better grade or a reduced form of discipline for an infraction.

What makes it sexual harassment is that the employee is expected to submit to the employer’s sexual advances and will pay some sort of price if he or she fails to do so. The action may come in the form of an outright demand or it may be more subtle – for example an employer touching an employee sexually and expecting the employee to remain silent.

Such a quid pro quo situation – unwelcome sexual advances or using sexual favors as a bargaining tool – often make working conditions hostile or intolerable for the employee. Under California law, an employee may be able to recover damages if it can be proved that he or she has been deprived of a benefit of employment due to quid pro quo actions by the employer.

If you believe you have experienced quid pro quo sexual harassment by your supervisor or someone in a position of authority at your workplace or school, you should speak with a sympathetic lawyer with knowledge and experience in the subtleties of employment law in California.

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